Great idea! I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a Mason jar ti carry and look cool with. Thanks!!

Apron Stringz

Hallelujah. We made it through. My Man finished his last test Thursday– beginning almost 30 days of semi-freedom and familial bliss!

I have so many (many) posts in my head, gathering to a complex hurricane of thoughts. But I’m really trying to relax just a bit, instead of charging into my free time with the panic of starvation. Instead of diving straight off the deep end, I thought I’d start with this simple, season-appropriate DIY project.

Up until recently my kiddos largely drank out of plastic. It always bothered me, bothered the shit out of me in fact. I hate to drink out of plastic, so why was I allowing my tiny budding babies to pollute their otherwise pure systems with leaching chemical compounds? I’d give them jam jars when I could, but so often I just couldn’t face up to the possibility of yet another wipe-up of…

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What Do You Use Your iPhone For?

So, I’m watching the ACC Championship this afternoon (which FSU won 85-82) and the network cuts to a timeout. When they return they have the Seminole cheerleaders front and center, as they normally do. What catches my attention is what occurs in the background of the :17 second video.

I always check out the background of television because it seems to be where the most unique action happens. I know that most people fly their freak-flag proudly, but also those that choose to only allow it to wave when they feel they aren’t being watched. While the team’s are still in the huddles, this reporter pulls out his iPhone 4, selects video and get to perving. Perv-flag is flying high in this one. Today though, I was creeped out by what I seen. Check out the video and see if you are as offended as I WAS.

It’s a shame some young women can’t attend a function without someone taking advantage of the situation. This clearly a violation by the glass wearing gent. I hope that his recording some 20-year-olds hopping around was worth the embarrassment. Hopefully someone close to him at the reporters table called him on it.

Hip Hop & Ass

I listen to music as often as possible because it relaxes me and is my second love. It seems that music, hip-hop in particular, have become as watered down as a $12 highball in The Champagne Room. But what’s even worse is that many men think the songs are real. So real, that they recite lines from raps as their conversation piece/pick-up-lines to attract women when they talk to them. Seriously? Even the album covers have become akin to porn box covers (or at least thats what they tell me).


I like Big Sean’s song (below) because it has one of the hardest hitting basslines in music today. I can’t really tell you what he says other than….ASS, ASS, ASS, ASS, ASS,AAA,AA, AS, AS, AS,ASSSS…but none the less, I like the song. What I have been finding unbelievable is that an inordinate amount of men think that the song is real and all they have to do is follow what he says. Again…seriously?

Has the life of “Brothas” become a rap video induced life filled with Patron, wagon-size-wheels and big asses shaking at will? Nt sure if it’s where I live or what, but it doesn’t exist here in Greensboro. I think at this point I need to get on the internets and see what the issues is. On campus I don’t see this type of BET, MTV, Sir Mix-A-Lot type asses either (maybe b/c I go to Guilford College), but I digress. One of the things I like most about Guilford is that I DONT see the backs of female pants being strained on the middle loop by a belt that can’t take the pressure of hips on swole. But then reality sets in, and I see what is represented and accepted by even the females.

Is tatting your body with your fav rapper’s name going to make men respect the fact that you like the same artist they do? Who the hell is going to see it unless you are wearing thongs everywhere you go?!


Maybe I am out of touch with what is important to the 20-30-something crowd. A nice ass is one thing but what if she doesn’t have the brains to match? I like big brains and I cannot lie!! A big ass will droop when gravity sets in after 50 or so, but a big sexy brain will always be in fashion. Cant we give females more credit than just watching and talking about their ass and the massiveness of it? Tell her at home, in private. But praise her brains in public, out loud for all to hear and see. She will praise you when you when you get home, Believe that.