She teaches and works he system to a grade of A+. smh

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A North Carolina teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student has avoided going to prison by marrying the boy.

The Wilmington Star-News reported that 42-year-old Leah Gayle Shipman married Johnnie Ray Ison, now 19, two years after being arrested for inappropriate relations with him at a Wilmington high school.

A defendant’s spouse cannot be made to testify in criminal cases under North Carolina law.

“None of the statements made in this case would be admissible without the victim,” said Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney Gina Essey. “The defendant has a Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses against them.”

Shipman was facing 15 years for statutory rape at the time of the wedding.

The marriage reportedly took place on Jan. 25, 2011, six days after Shipman divorced her husband of 19 years.

The wedding became public knowledge after Shipman pleaded guilty to resisting an officer investigating…

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It’s all because of Sheldon! Bazzinggaa!!!!

Big Bang Theory continues to break records.

The hit sitcom returned on Thursday following a three-week hiatus. The show attracted 19 million viewers, breaking yet another record this season.

The show’s previous ratings record came on November 15 with 17.6 million, and a week before that with 16.7 million.

The show’s past six new episodes have been the highest-rated episodes of all-time.

Big Bang also matched its series high in the adults 18-49 demo with a 6.1 rating. The rating beats the 6.0 set on Feb. 8, 2010.

Most other shows were in repeats on Thursday night, which undoubtedly helped the sitcom.

The show is often compared to Friends, which hit around 20 million viewers around the end of its long run on NBC.

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Awkward Families


Faces of Meth


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Video Of Steubenville Students Discussing Rape Victim Is Disturbing [Candy Dish]

As much as I like to joke about sex, relationships and things, this video is by no means endorsed by me. I’m sure you guys have heard of the Ohio rape case, so this is the video of the alleged perpetrators. It goes to prove my point about the “mob-mentality” that accompanies many male interactions that get out of hand. There appears to be one voice of clarity and reality in the room, but the others are quick to displace his position with their sick form of humor when he brings up the “R” word. Shameful and I hope that all involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent. If these kids are not punished, they will back in the news soon for some more forceful, violent form of rape. This group is already feeling that they are above the law, as they had no problem taping their discussion of the violation of the female, so the will progressively get worse. They are so desensitized to the violation of the female. UNBELIEVABLE! What is wrong with teens today?

I just wonder what else has this group done to females that they felt was TOO nasty, criminal or outrageous to tape, where this one wasn’t. smh