Keep Your Enemies Close? Nope, Off With the Heads

Off With

There are times in your life when you seriously question the motives of those around you. Sometimes their actions are out of character, or their decision-maling is askew juuuuuuust a bit. When this happens, naturally you as an upright walking and higher capacity thinking individual then begin to wonder, “why the hell did they just do or say that?” Nearly 90% of the time you will NEVER figure it out because you don’t think in the same manner as the other. But then there are those 10% of the times that you can read the coming action before it even happens. It is a bit scary. For me I have seen the actions coming for quite some time with a particular individual.

Many times when you are abroad in a new setting and you sort of feel like the dangers that may affect you will more than likely come from those that are strangers to you. When in reality, it is those most closest to you that will get to you first. Why individuals have the need to feel superior to another is beyond me when their is so much wealth in the world, by means of status and/or academia at the very least; which ever is your pleasure. But once and a while you run into that individual that is believed to be in your corner and they are steadily fighting you like lobsters in a cage to get above you. But what to do when it happens?

A wise man (Michael Corleone in the Godfather Part II) once said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” When I first heard it, those were words of wisdom that I figured I could utilize in life to my advantage to make things run smother because if you know what those that don’t particularly care for you are doing then you have the market cornered on any harm that they can bring you.


You are like your own Trojan Horse in the interaction. But then I wondered, what could make this crime boss (son) think so outside of the box? WOW! Research time. As I went into the 21st century stacks (the internet) I would soon find out that Corleone borrowed and built upon the phrase, adding his own spin to it. Originally spoken by Italian Machiavelli in “The Prince,” in his treatise on how to be a great ruler,


his words are as follows; “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be victorious.” Again, DOUBLE WOW! That sounds even BETTER than what Corleone spit out. So then I began to analyze the words as they stared at me off the screen. It had nothing to do with keeping an enemy closer, but all to do with using your mentality to understand them, as well as continuing to know your true self. Understanding someone that intends to bring you harm (enemy) prepares you for what may present itself in the future. You already know that an enemy/opponent does not appear before you with the best aspirations for you or your future, so you are already mentally prepared to accept them. It’s the not-being-prepared part that gets in the way and makes you feel like shit when they say or do something to you that you didn’t expect. And that’s where I run into issues because overall, I generally like people. It’s when they say/do something that isn’t positive that causes me to feel like “grumpy cat” with wishes of them to go along their way and fuck thyself better than it has ever been done and never to return. I don’t hate and that draws me in to them.

I place a lot of stock in people because I believe in them, regardless of what others say. I’m the first person to accept the one that others say is hard to get along with, an asshole, out for themselves, etc. I am the one scenic, when it comes to the gossip of people, to think opposite about them because I think it has to be a communication problem, so I can get along with those that others say is impossible to be able to. But once in a while there comes that one individual who jut has and keeps an attitude that you just cant overlook.

I recently have encountered an individual that clearly has to be the center of EVERYTHING (conversation, meetings, online activities, get-togethers around town). They are the Kristen Wiig character from SNL, Penelope the One-Upper, to the extreme. If I say I have a new pair of Nikes, they have a new pair of Prada….if I had a great nights sleep, they slept FABULOUSSSSSS, spock-leornard-nimoy-star-trek-tosif I say I am hungry, they are famished.


Get the drift. So as this one-uppance has continued, so has the level of how it has been constructed. It has recently gone from the aforementioned to mentioning me in conversation when I am not around. As the information has began to get back to me I have nothing to really say about. I figure if they feel the need to speak about me or compete with me, then they must be in awe of how FUCKING AWESOME I AM!! Which brings me to the Machiavelli quote.

I totally understand it and respect it’s usage when needed, but I disagree with the act of keeping up with one that does not have your best interests at heart close to you. I think it’s best to feed them with kid gloves. Put as much space as you can between yourself and them and you will be a more well rounded individual. It only causes heartache, disgust, and the occasional self-doubt of oneself. I will be the first one to defend the actions of another as I continually play devils advocate because I know how it feels to be an outsider, whether because of a financial situation or because of a mental or personal positioning. But when those actions become so terse that they make you feel less than who you know you are, then it is time to cut the cord and move on. Your own sanity is not worth allowing another to beat you up mentally and destroy your well-being.


In the words of another great “illogical thinker,” Miser Spock,  “Live long and prosperous,” and fuck the haters. They come a dime a dozen and exist only because they are unhappy with who they are and where they are in life.